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Freediving is a fun and challenging sport that everybody can participate in. It’s filled with enjoyment and wonderful sensations and at the same time it’s a good way to exercise and come closer to nature and yourself.

Freediving Instructor.

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m a freediver living in Sweden. My passion for freediving has changed me in many ways over the past few years and I hope I can inspire others to make the same journey as I did.


My dedication to freediving has become more of a lifestyle and I’m always looking forward to the next dive session. Most of my training is done in the pool and on dry land but I take every opportunity I can for a deep dive in the ocean.


I am fortunate to be a part of Active Divers, a local freediving club in Sweden with great spirit and with many training buddies always ready to challenge them self and others to break new grounds and progress as a freediver. We have a great time diving together and I recommend everybody to stop by and say hello if you are in the southern part of Sweden.

Freediving is by far the most fun and challenging sport I have ever tried. For me freediving is about exploring myself, living a healthy life and get to know others who share the same passion for freediving as I do.

The Freedom of Freediving.

Closer to yourself and nature than you will ever be.

Imagine you lying still in the water facing down breathing slowly in and out through your snorkel. Light from the sun makes a spectacular scene in the crystal blue water and the waves makes you relaxed. You close your eyes and feel an inner calm spread inside your body.

A few minutes later you take a final deep breath and dive into the depth of the blue ocean. The silence is stunning, the feel of weightlessness makes your body even more relaxed. You feel your heart in a way you never done before and your heart rate keeps beating slower and slower for each heartbeat.

You are now in one of the few places on earth where you can feel total inner peace.