Going Beyond
Your Limits

Hi, I'm a freediver living in Sweden. My passion for freediving has changed me in many ways over the past few years and I hope I can inspire others to make the same journey as I did.

DeepWeek Bali with Adam Stern

With 93 participants and 47 instructors, DeepWeek is one of the world's largest diving events. Here, freedivers from all over the world gather to dive, have fun, get to know new people and, above all, learn more about freediving.

The days start with yoga and after that a variety of workshops and dives, both in the pool and in the open sea. You go deep into relaxation, pressure equalization, swimming technique and strategy and then end the day with meditation and strength training. Adam Stern and his team of instructors do a fantastic job and are 100% committed to their participants.

I will definitely go again if I get the chance :)

The Freedom of Freediving

Closer to yourself and nature than you will ever be
Imagine you lying still in the water facing down breathing slowly in and out through your snorkel. Light from the sun makes a spectacular scene in the crystal blue water and the waves makes you relaxed. You close your eyes and feel an inner calm spread inside your body.
A few minutes later you take a final deep breath and dive into the depth of the blue ocean. The silence is stunning, the feel of weightlessness makes your body even more relaxed. You feel your heart in a way you never done before and your heart rate keeps beating slower and slower for each heartbeat.
You are now in one of the few places on earth where you can feel total inner peace.
Copyright @ Alex Hedström.

My Travels

Some photos from my latest destinations
Copyright © Alex Hedström
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