April 15, 2019

DeepWeek BALI April 2019

I just came home from a fantastic 10 days in Bali participating in DeepWeek, an event led by Adam Stern and his team of instructors. Adam is an australian record holder and teaches freediving from very beginners to instructors for the Molchanovs certification program.


With 93 participants and 47 instructors, DeepWeek is one of the world's largest diving events. Here, freedivers from all over the world gather to dive, have fun, get to know new people and, above all, learn more about freediving.

The days start with yoga and after that a variety of workshops and dives, both in the pool and in the open sea. You go deep into relaxation, pressure equalization, swimming technique and strategy and then end the day with meditation and strength training. Adam Stern and his team of instructors do a fantastic job and are 100% committed to their participants.

I will definitely go again next year if I get the chance 🙂

Happy diving and remember, dive safe with a buddy 🙂

Copyright © Alex Hedström
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